Egypt International Exhibition Center

12-14 February 2024

Egypt International Exhibition Center

12-14 February 2024



Geopolitical turmoil and tensions have disrupted the global petroleum market, highlighting Europe’s reliance on Russian oil and gas supplies. As a result, Europe is experiencing its worst energy crisis in decades, with prices reaching all-time highs. As a result, European economies are increasing investment and growth plans to diversify away from Russian gas, putting the emphasis on Egypt and the East Mediterranean to play a significant role in contributing to energy security.

This, along with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations, is changing the industry landscape, putting pressure on oil, gas, and energy corporations throughout the world to decarbonise and invest in cleaner alternatives that will enable the transition to a net-zero future. These market factors have compelled oil and gas companies and governments to continue meeting the rising demand for energy while also being accountable to investors who aim to reduce investment risks and ensure their carbon footprint in order to address the growing effects of climate change.

The third edition of the EGYPS Finance and Investment in Energy Conference brings together global investors, industry leaders, financial and economic experts to discuss the implications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on global oil and gas investment markets, as well as forward-looking partnership models for the new energy investment landscape, balancing ESG with energy security and net zero targets.


Wednesday 15 February 2023

10:00 10:15

Ministrial Keynote Speech
Transforming Egypt into a regional energy trading hub

Egypt is increasing its liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to help solve Europe’s energy challenges, following disruption to supply amidst geopolitical tensions, with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources declaring that Egypt aims to export $8.5 to $10 billion worth of natural gas during the fiscal year 2022/23. This keynote speech will outline Egypt’s prospects in the global LNG market as well as the government’s strategy to attract regional FDI in the aftermath of geopolitical instability

Attendee Insights:

This Keynote will provide insights on investment opportunities as part of Egypt’s strategic roadmap to establish itself as a regional energy trading hub and exporter of gas and LNG  globally.

10:15 11:00

Panel Discussion
Capitalising on investment opportunities in North Africa and the East Mediterranean

The West’s sanctions against Russia have prompted Europe to reduce its dependence on a single oil and gas supplier. In response to the current energy crisis, the EU is turning to the North African and East European region for gas supplies to satisfy short-term needs. With its abundant resources and strategic location, how is the region taking advantage of this opportunity? And what opportunities are there for investors?

Attendee insights

Financial and economic experts will provide a deep dive on the potential investment opportunities offered by the recent signing of the trilateral MOU between Egypt, Israel and the EU.

Naser Al Hajri

Senior Vice President, Non-Operated Assets

Mubadala Energy

Eng Alaa Elbatal

Chief Executive Officer

Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC)


Ross Cassidy

Vice President Middle East and North Africa

Welligence Energy Analytics

11:00 11:45

Panel Discussion
Solving Europe’s gas supply in the short and long term through targeted investments

As Europe braces for a challenging winter amidst current geopolitical unrest, global natural gas markets are projected to remain tight well into 2023 due to the industry’s lack of investment in LNG. With the EU looking to secure alternative supplies and reduce its dependency on Russian gas, demand for LNG is anticipated to increase 150% between 2022 and 2040.

There has been a recent ramp-up in new supply projects to strengthen Europe’s energy security in the short term, with investment only likely to accelerate. But in the long run, what investment decisions should policymakers undertake to rebalance Europe’s natural gas market with dependable, affordable, and sustainable energy?

Attendee insights

Energy leaders will examine strategies and the required investment needed that will allow Europe to transition away from dependence on Russian gas and ensure energy security while continuing to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Anastasios Vlassopoulos

CEO and Head of E&P Business Unit

Hellenic Petroleum Upstream

Rouzbeh Fazlinejad

Managing Director, Head of MENA Oil & Gas

Houlihan Lokey

Paul Sullivan

Senior Vice President Global LNG & FLNG


Michael Thomadakis

Strategy & Development Division Director


Dr. Lamiaa Abo Shahba

General Manager of Gas Market Activities



Giacomo Matarazzo

Head Asset Management Extra-EU & Commercial & Operation Coordination


11:45 12:30

Panel Discussion
Accelerating decarbonisation and energy security through public private partnerships

NOCs in the North Africa and East Mediterranean region are extensively using the public-private partnership (PPP) financing model to gain access to private capital and new expertise. Several significant international collaborations have recently been formed in the region with projects aimed to support climate change strategies; but can public-private partnerships be the key to attracting more foreign investments in decarbonisation and energy efficiency technologies? Will the region’s public-private partnerships expand to fund future projects and achieve energy security?

Attendee insights

This panel will discuss the role of public-private partnerships in delivering long-term oil, gas and energy infrastructure projects while examining the investment models that enable governments to achieve energy security without having to increase direct state capital spending.

Mateus da Costa

Director of Exploration and Research Innovations

National Authority of Petroleum and Minerals (ANPM)

Ahmed Moharram

Founder and Managing Director

Anchorage Investments Ltd.

Haytham Ibrahim

Finance Manager & Deputy General Manager

Enap Sipetrol

David Chi

Vice President of Egypt Assets and Country Manager


Tameer Nasser

Managing Director, Northeast Africa

Baker Hughes


Eithne Treanor


EGYPS 2023

12:30 13:30


13:30 14:15

Panel Discussion
Overcoming the market impacts of ESG investment constraints

With oil and gas ESG benchmarks a major factor for banks and investors, these conditions continue to affect the industry’s access to capital. With ongoing calls for ESG criteria standardisation and a consistent set of reporting disclosure, how are oil and gas companies managing short-term investment needs? Is sustainability-linked finance the solution? And long-term, where will oil and gas investment come from when banks and private equity firms cease funding?

Attendee Insights:

A must attend session for energy leaders and investors to develop a holistic view of ESG reporting standards to ensure the long-term survival of the industry.

Kevin Hou

Financing Director

UEGL, Hong Kong

Hind Chawki

Head of Financial Market, MENAP, and ESG Lead for Global Credit Markets

Standard Chartered Bank

Yousra Assaker

Senior Energy Specialist

The World Bank

Helmy Ghazi

Deputy CEO & Head of Global Banking Egypt


Anass Joundy

Associate Director and Natural Resources Lead South and East Mediterranean Region



Ahmed I. Mokhtar

Managing Director

NBK Capital AM Egypt

14:15 15:00

Panel Discussion
Africa Focus: The role of natural gas to drive economic growth and reduce energy poverty

Energy access is the primary factor in boosting African countries’ economic and social growth. According to reports, more than 600 million people in Africa lack access to energy and clean cooking solutions. Natural gas resources have been suggested as a solution to energy poverty by African leaders, with Africa owning over 9% of the world’s gas reserves and generating around 6% of global natural gas. What are the financial challenges in building new gas infrastructure in developing countries? How can government bodies and investors eradicate energy poverty through green finance?

Attendee insights

This session examines the prospects and constraints for natural gas investment to foster economic growth and alleviate energy poverty.

Zakaria Dosso

Managing Director - Africa Energy Investments Corporation

African Petroleum Producers’ Organization (APPO)

Taiwo Okwor

Vice President

Africa Finance Corporation

HRH Princess Moradeun Ogunlana

Founder and CEO

AWHPI Global Foundation

Helen Aigbe Brume

Director for Project & Asset Based Finance

African Export Import Bank

Lee Shouse

Vice President of Engineering and Integrity Management

Paxon Energy & Infrastructure


Yagouba Traore

Head of Policy Planning Strategy

African Energy Commission (AFREC)

15:00 15:45

Panel Discussion
Financing the Energy Transition

Following the Paris agreement, governments and policymakers remain committed towards driving a global transition to clean energy. It is estimated that the cumulative investment on physical assets to accelerate net-zero, being approximately $9.2 trillion through to 2050, including technology, infrastructure, and natural resources. The question is how global economies can deploy capital and prioritise the investment decisions needed to accelerate the transition. What technologies must companies invest in and implement into their business models to minimise greenhouse gas emissions?

Global net-zero targets can only be achieved if sustainable financing is available to help developing nations achieve decarbonisation – what regulatory frameworks are required to enable a just and affordable energy transition for emerging economies?

Attendee insights

Financiers and climate experts will examine the importance of balancing investment priorities to ensure an affordable, accelerated just transition.

Evan Genaud

Chief Technical Officer

IPR Energy Group

Malak El Shishiny

Investment Director

Hassan Allam Utilities

Hussein Ibrahim Hamed

Africa Segment Vice President Energies and Chemicals

Schneider Electric

Randa El Borollossy

Investment Officer


Nicolas Thevenot

Managing Director Corporate Banking

Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP)


Ahmed I. Mokhtar

Managing Director

NBK Capital AM Egypt

15:45 16:30

Panel Discussion
The evolving role of a CFO as a catalyst for digital transformation

The role of a CFO and finance department has changed as a result of the oil and gas industry’s adoption of digitalisation in order to keep up with the ongoing developments of new digital transformation operations that are restructuring the operating landscape and reaping the benefits of increased productivity, higher efficiency, and increased cost savings. What essential elements must be reported to internal stakeholders in order to shift attitudes towards digital transformation? How can CFOs ensure a return on investment through digitalisation whilst also considering net-zero targets?

Attendee insights

This discussion will evaluate the evolving role of CFOs and finance departments to drive digitalisation across the business for revenue optimisation, organisational efficiency and financial reporting transparency.

Ahmad Ali BinObood


Dragon Oil

Sherif El Zeiny

Vice President and Group Chief Financial Officer

Elsewedy Electric Group

Giuseppe Vischett

Head of Finance

Energean Egypt

Daniel Bates

Upstream Portfolio Development Controller



Eithne Treanor


EGYPS 2023

Wednesday 15 February 2023